Eastern Spring at the Ohio Beef Expo

by Holli Hatmaker | Published May 1, 2023

Sale Management: DP Sales Management 

Auctioneer: Ron Kreis

Sale Staff: Ryan LePage, Darby Walton, Mark Murphy

Sale Committee: Pam Haley & Christina Fisher 

High Selling Bulls 

Lot 76                          HALL MC Ante Up K201                                  $12,000

                                    Sire: WHF/JS/CCS Double Up 

                                    Consignor: Hall Cattle Company

                                    Buyer: Zach Henthorn, OH

Lot 59                          FSCI Fort Knox J137                                        $9,000

                                    Sire: W/C Fort Knox 609F

                                    Consignor: Lindsey Ferguson – Rowland 

                                    Buyer: Blue Jay Acres Farm, OH

Lot 68                          FSCI Broker K204                                            $7,500

                                    Sire: MR. HOC Broker

                                    Consignor: Lindsey Ferguson – Rowland 

                                    Buyer: Brad Wiseman

Lot 80                          Lucci Anchor 67                                              $5,000

                                    Sire: CCR Anchor 

                                    Consignor: Lucci Farms

                                    Buyer: Donald Sproat, PA

High Selling Opens

Lot 6                            TJSC Diamond 210K                                        $10,500

                                    Sire: Colburn Primo 5153

                                    Consignor: Jones Show Cattle                        

                                    Buyer: Ray Norman & Xtreme Cattle 

Lot 4                            Pearl                                                                $10,000

                                    Sire: Silveiras Style 9303

                                    Consignor: Liggett Cattle Company 

                                    Buyer: Zach Henthorn, OH

Lot 17                          Springfields Kay                                              $8,000

                                    Sire: LLSF Vantage Point

                                    Consignor: Springfield Simmental Farm

                                    Buyer: Mast Simmentals, TN

Lot 19                          RSTR Ti Fiti 302K                                             $7,000

                                    Sire: GEFF County O 

                                    Consignor: R Star Livestock 

                                    Buyer: Josh Ervin, OH

Lot 35                          M-C Princess                                                   $6,250

                                    Sire: Holtkamp CLAC Change is Coming 

                                    Consignor: Mottice Cattle

                                    Buyer: Trauernicht Simmentals, NE 

Lot 21                          Prestige/Heil Dazzlino Mary                           $6,000

                                    Sire: JSUL Something about Mary 

                                    Consignor: Prestige Cattle Co.

                                    Buyer: Justin Curtis, IA 

Lot 3                            HALL MC Blackstar K205                                 $5,500

                                    Sire: WLE Copacetic E02

                                    Consignor: Hall Cattle Company

                                    Buyer: Levi Clubb, KY 

Lot 33                          Maplecrest Blackcap 244K                              $5,500

                                    Sire: SC Pay the Price C11

                                    Consignor: Maplecrest Farms

                                    Buyer: Levi Clubb, KY 

Lot 1                            BREY Maxi K32                                                $5,100

                                    Sire: HILB Oracle C003R

                                    Consignor: JB Cattle Company

                                    Buyer: Wayne Harris, OH

High Selling Breds 

Lot 37                          FFSC Angel 45J                                                $7,500

                                    Sire: JSUL Something about Mary

                                    Bred to: JASS On the Mark 

                                    Consignor: Fedderke Farms Show Cattle

                                    Buyer: Mark Householder, OH

Lot 36                          KNSC Cierra 912J                                            $6,100

                                    Sire: LLSF Vantage Point 

                                    Bred to: TJ Chief

                                    Consignor: Kyle Nickles Show Cattle & Willowdale Land & Cattle

                                    Buyer: Jesse Asby, OH

Lot 40                          FSCI Ms Gemstone H051                                $5,000

                                    Sire: W/C Fort Knox 609F

                                    Bred to: Mr. CCF The Duke

                                    Consignor: Ferguson Cattle Company

                                    Buyer: Green Ridge Simmentals, PA

High Selling Cow/Calf

Lot 49                          FSCI Neons Regard Cc503                               $6,500

                                    Sire: Yardley High Regard W242

                                    Heifer Calf by: Geff County O

                                    Consignor: Erv-n-Del Farm

                                    Buyer: Carrie Dohlamn, NE 

Lot 47                          Prestige Dazzle 23E                                         $6,000

                                    Sire: LLSF Pays to Believe 

                                    Heifer Calf by: JSUL Something about Mary

                                    Consignor: Prestige Cattle Co.

                                    Buyer: Thomas Bolton, KY

Lot 44                          M-C Oreo Babe                                               $5,500

                                    Sire: HILB Oracle C033R

                                    Heifer Calf by: OMF Epic 

                                    Consignor: Mottice Cattle

                                    Buyer: Adam Foulks, OH

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