Clear Vision Production Sale

by Holli Hatmaker | Published April 28, 2023

Sale Management: DP Sales Management

Auctioneer: Tommy Carper

Sale Staff: Mike Berger, Mike Ryan, Chad Joines

64 lots             average: $4,494

Lot 1                Miss CCF Passion                                $25,000 half interest 

                        Sire: LLSF Pays to Believe ZU194

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress B79

                        Bred to: Rocking P Private Stock 

                        Buyer: Marty Bloodworth, GA 

Lot 14              Miss LF Believe in Kisses                     $9,500

                        Sire: LLSF Pays to Believe 

                        Dam: Miss CCF Double D D101

                        Consignor: Lamberth Farms

                        Buyer: Palmer Cattle Co., PA

Lot 2                Miss CCF Ambition K139                     $8,000

                        Sire: LLSF Pays to Believe

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress B79

                        Buyer: KH Cattle Co., GA

Lot 11              Miss CCF Brandy K182                        $7,000

                        Sire: JSUL Something about Mary

                        Dam: Miss CCF Blow Away 

                        Buyer:  High Hopes Farm, MS 

Lot 36              S/P Summer Love J02                         $6,500

                        Sire: JSUL Something about Mary 

                        Dam: HPF Right to Love 283C

                        Heifer calf by Private Stock 

                        Buyer: Green Ridge Simmentals, PA

Lot 35              Circle T Bonnie H876                          $6,000

                        Sire: MR CCF 20-20

                        Dam: Miss CCF Sheza Bonnie Y61

                        Heifer Calf by: WLE Black Mamba

Lot 49              GSC/LTS Shania F43                            $6,000

                        Sire: OBCC CMFM Deplorabull D148

                        Dam: SVF/PRS Shania Y704

                        Consignor: Palmer Cattle Co. 

                        Buyer: SVJ Farm, PA

Lot 7                Miss CCF Jestress G301                      $6,000

                        Sire: TL Leger

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress B79

                        Buyer: Sloup Simmentals, NE 

Lot 18              TLC3 Bet ON Karisma 350K                 $6,000

                        Sire: W/C Bet on Red 

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress C103

                        Buyer: Independence Cattle, IN 

Lot 22              Miss CCF/CT Classic                            $6,000

                        Sire: Mr. CCF The Duke

                        Dam: R/F Up the Limit H214

                        Buyer: Clear Water Simmental, IN 

Lot 5                Miss CCF Impression                           $5,500

                        Sire: WLE Copacetic E02

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress B79

                        Buyer: Fenton Farms, MS 

Lot 39              WPCC Reba Time J209                        $5,000

                        Sire: FHEN Half Time A127

                        Dam: DAF Reba C85

                        Heifer Calf by: THSH Lover Boy 

                        Consignor: Palmer Cattle Co. 

                        Buyer: Garren Walrod, KS 

Lot X                Pick of Four Fall Born Siblings            $5,000

                        Sire: LLSF Pays to Believe 

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress B79

                        Buyer: Larry Morris, VA

Lot 38              Miss CCF Believe J382                         $5,000

                        Sire: LLSF Pays to Believe 

                        Dam: Miss CCF Jestress B79

                        Heifer calf by: Mr. CCF The Duke 

                        Buyer: Green Ridge Simmentals, PA

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