2023 Virginia Beef Expo

by Holli Hatmaker | Published May 1, 2023

Virginia Simmental Spring Sim-Sensation Sale

April 14, 2023

Sales Management: DP Sales Management

Auctioneer: Tommy Carper

62 lots             average: $2,001

Lot 13                         AH2 Ms Knockout J128                       $4,000

                                    Sire: AH2 Dark Moon F823

                                    Bred to: IR Imperial 

                                    Consignor: Heishman Cattle Co. 

                                    Buyer: Waverly Eddins, VA 

Lot 3                            TX Luna                                                $3,800

                                    Sire: W/C Bank On It 273H

                                    Consignor: TX Enterprises 

                                    Buyer: Billy Clem, KY

Lot 15                          AH2 Ms Honeydew J133                     $3,300

                                    Sire: CCR Cowboy Cut 5048Z

                                    Bred to: IR Imperial D948

                                    Consignor: Heishman Cattle Co. 

                                    Buyer: Powers Simmentals, VA

Lot 20D                        SR Ms J38                                            $3,200

                                    Sire: Chimney Top Treasure E34

                                    Bred to: GAR Ashland

                                    Consignor: Smith Reasor

                                    Buyer: D&J Meade Farm, VA

Lot 37                          Lyle On the Mark 2034                       $3,200

                                    Sire: JASS On the Mark 69D

                                    Consignor: C. Lyle Cattle

                                    Buyer: Jimmy Mason, KY

Lot 25                          PFS Trina G13                                      $3,100

                                    Sire: Kappes Mile High B11

                                    Safe with JSUL Something about Mary x HPF Alley 316E

                                    Consignor: Penley Farm Simmentals

                                    Buyer: Woodlawn Farm, GA

Lot 21                          HFCC Cream Soda 911G                     $3,100

                                    Sire: TKCC Classified 

Lot 21A                        HFCC Cream Soda 312L

                                    Sire: Hook’s Eagle 6E

                                    Consignor: Harvester Farm 

                                    Buyer: Barry Wilkins, VA

Lot 33                          TX Full Discloser                                  $3,100

                                    Sire: W/C Bank On It 273H

                                    Consignor: TX Enterprises 

                                    Buyer: William Henderson, VA 

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