The past meets the present

In the 50th anniversary of the breed we want to share some highlights, thoughts and ramblings of the past. Today we had the privilege of being at the Virginia Beef Expo and assisting the Virginia Simmental Association. Virginia Simmental history is some of the best and the lifetime of breeders are a large and important list. The Simmental breed in early years in Virginia and the surrounding states was a force to be reckon with and the breeders and sales were quite numerous.
In the history of the breed there have been many changes however in the early years there was several herds of black Simmentals in Virginia. At that time they had there struggles being accepted and were not cool. However with the dedication, hard work, breeding and marketing that changed as a few of those breeders gained prominence for their efforts. At the Virginia Beef Expo we met a couple of those people today.

In the past traveling and assisting Doug Paul in the sales management business I had the honor and privilege to met on several occasions Scott Burtner of Bunker Hill Simmental of Mount Solon, Va. ASA # 601.  A few will remember his ads  on the inside front cover of the Simmental Shield titled B.S. by S.B.  People could not wait to get the breed publication to see what Scott was going to say next. He was the first to promote Nuts, Butts, and Guts. Sorry, Willie. He was at the 2018 Virginia Beef Expo. We shot a picture with him and Smith Reasor.

Next is Mr Personality and never met a stranger, Ken Mohler. He and his wife Suzan operated Mohler’s Black Simmentals with a ASA number of 6919 and still operate out of Rockbridge Bath, Va and is still the home of Rick Mast famous race car driver. Many successful black Simmental sales were held at his location. Yes, people came from far and wide to attend the sale called In the Black. One year Jim Taylor drove in all way from Kansas in his Cadillac. Ken is still enthusiastic and is very supportive. Holli and I were all smiles today because Ken was sitting in the bleachers assisting a new buyer helping her make smart buying decisions. He is still a disciplined bidder and his catalog was marked in several different colors. When he checked out for his purchase he told Holli he got two new Simmental members today. He is still active and hasn’t changed  much and still over flows with happiness.  Here is he pictured with Kegley Bumgardner from the Country Folks magazine.

Both of the above breeders, had partnership with another instrumental breeder Tom Mitchell from W. Virginia.

Another special couple from the past in attendance at the 2018 Virginia Beef Expo was Scott and Kim Heslup. They were very good black Simmental breeders and operated under Double H Simmentals Brownsburg, Va. Of course good friends of the Mohler’s and live right down the road.

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