NAILE legacy – Wayward Hill Farms

This is what breeding cattle for the long haul is all about, being consistent and building a breeding program one step at a time. The Wayward Hill program was established many years ago. Actually the WHF ASA number is 4561. Wayward Hill Farm has been breeding Simmental for years however started after Dr Henry Allen graduated vet school and began working as a vet and did work for many Simmental operations such as Eastwood, Mt Brilliant Farms, Pin Oak, Arcadia Farms and others. Over the years both sons Paul and Chris have grown up in the breed and both held the office of President of the AJSA. With all the family active in all areas of the commerical and purebred business the Wayward Hill herd is a highly respected program will a solid track record.  WHF has been involved in the Bulls and Belles of the Bluegrass sale since its inception. Going down memory lane, we at DP Sales Management want to share some fun facts about the Wayward Hill program.
In 1988 WHF Allie was one of the top prospects bred by WHF. As you can see by the photo, both Paul and Chris were to young to show at the North American so their great friend and neighbor, JJ Martin showed WHF Allie to the top spot Grand Champion female in the junior show at the 1988 North American. WHF Allie was claimed a great one by many across the country and dominated the show ring. The next year Breck Ellison Farms purchased WHF Allie and she returned to the 1989 North American and claimed the Grand Champion female in the open show. Now as the Wayward Hill operation continued to breed Simmental cattle, lets us go to 2001  AJSA Jr Nationals in Ft Collins, Colorado. Paul Allen and his favorite heifer, WHF Black Jasmine 240J claimed Grand Champion Purebred female. That same year in Ft Collins, Paul was elected as the President of the AJSA. The following year Chris was elected President of the AJSA. Now skip ahead a few years to 2006 when 240J produced the Dream On daughter, WHF Sierra 245, and she soon developed into a beast of a cow. Not letting that female getting to far from home Sierra was flushed to Milestone.  The Allen family thought after seeing the 247Y at a young age it was nothing but fitting for her to be named as the previous 1988 WHF champion, WHF Allie. Hudson Pines made a stop at the Versailles operation and purchased WHF Alley and one of her sisters as well. At the 2012 North American WHF Alley 247Y was a Division Champion in a highly competitive show and then went to Denver to be crowned Grand Champion female at the National Western for Hudson Pines and all the other owners. In the November 2017 dispersal sale at Hudson Pines Farm Alley 247Y commanded $87,000. The Alley family and  it members continue to flourish and will benefit the breed for many years to come. 
With the ever-changing Simmental breed at this moment, many producers today are not aware of the breeders and history behind some of the most prominent cow families in the breed.  We want new and young breeders to grasp some of the history and where the Simmental breed has come in 50 years. We encourage breeders to continue to breed cattle that work for the long haul. Cattle that we as breeders like and work for our individual programs and their customers. Cattle that we can promote, market and most of all carry the prefix of our individual breeding programs for years to come. As we head to the North American at the North American Select sale 7 lots go back to Alley 247Y, Sierra 245S and 240J. You can talk to any of the Allen family who will admit they might not have had a crystal ball; however they did  have the discipline to continue down the same path with consistency, hard work, dedication with a strong cow base. Believing in the cow families that they have bred and assembled over the years.  The cow makes the difference. It is truly rewarding to watch the growth of the Simmental breed and see the leaders of today that worked their way up thru the AJSA. Congratulations to all members of the Wayward Hill operation over the years and all the Allen family members. If any questions we refer you to Chris Allen our current President of the Kentucky Simmental Association, and lead WHF spokesman. All of our family look forward to seeing each of you at the North American International Livestock Exposition.
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