Innovator: genetics meets the showring

As I sit on the airplane headed back to Kentucky, the National Western Stock Show in Denver is now over. The Percentage bull show on Tuesday was won by CDI Innovator; owned by Wayward Hill Farms, Dr. Henry and Chris Allen and JS Simmental, Ken & Claudia, Jay & Dani, Scott & Amy, and of course the grandkids.

Both members went to North Dakota to look for a bull to add to and benefit their programs. After looking through the CDI bulls, they both ended with same bull and decided to partner. Both operations at the time of purchase had no intentions of showing this herd bull. Innovator was liked by many others throughout this past year, and has already been utilized in herds across the country. We saw him this fall just after he had been on on cows, and he was very impressive, not only in person but on paper as well.

I am not speaking for the C Diamond program; however I would guess they did not think they were selling a Denver champion at the time of the sale. C Diamond has been a long time Simmental breeder of bulls and females that add great value to someone’s herd. This past fall, they had a special female sale which they don’t typically do. A sale which offered maternal genetics to Innovator.

The buying process is to purchase bulls and genetics that you feel will help make genetic progress and add to your existing program. So look at the end results and how our breed and breeders continue to flourish and gain market share. CDI Innovator was bred to add value both through EPD’s and genetics, and profit to his calves. Did JS and Wayward Hill believe that might come with a purple banner? At the time of purchase, maybe not, but due to their purchase for the betterment of their program, and their patience on a maturing bull; they leave the National Western with one.

CDI Innovator is collected at Nichols CyroGenetics, and can be purchased by calling their office.

Congratulations to all that exhibited at the National Western. It was one of the best bull shows the Simmental breed has had there in the last several years.

Written by Doug Parke on 1/17/18

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  1. Michelle Canning
    Posted January 25, 2018 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Excited to flush HPF Daisy Mae A008 to CDI Innovator in early March!

  2. Michelle Canning
    Posted January 25, 2018 at 7:20 pm | Permalink

    Excited to flush HPF Daisy Mae A008 to CDI Innovator in early March!

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