Celebrating 20 years

I love celebrating. Events, birthdays, anniversaries, good news; whatever it is, I love to celebrate it. I’m known to send a lot of cards, random presents, and flowers. I get it from my mom, Debbie. She has always been a great customer of our florist sending flowers when someone passes away to show she cares. I think that celebrating events in our life is a great way to be fully engaged in what is going on around us, and to those important in our life.

It isn’t everyday that you find a cattle operation or sale that has been going on for 20 years. In today’s world, people get interested in something and then shortly thereafter they move on to something else. Though there has been many changes over the year with the Belles of the Bluegrass, the same principals are still valued by everyone involved in the sale.

What I think we don’t do enough is recognize the people involved in the sale. Potential buyers and customers come to sales; many times to someone’s farm, but they don’t get the opportunity to learn about the people; the families involved. Therefore to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Belles of the Bluegrass tomorrow please take a few minutes to learn more about the families that make up the Belles of the Bluegrass. Their families invite you to join us tonight for dinner at a presentation by MultiMin USA at 5PM, and tomorrow to celebrate 20 years of selling Simmental cattle.

Reality Farms :: The Jackson family

Reality Farms is a family beef business spanning four generations of beef production.  Our primary focus is to provide quality cattle with data to enable customers to evaluate and decide the best selection for their herd.  We A.I and Embryo Transfer most of our cattle.

We are a typical farm family that has been involved with 4-H for decades.  Our three children competed with cattle all over the USA and we managed to get them to the events.  Team work is the essence of our business; AI, checking cows, delivering calves, chores, baling hay or whatever it takes to keep the business productive.

Matt is the only one to graduate in Ag. but our daughters are teachers and they never miss a chance to enlighten their class about agriculture and cattle.  Traci, Matts’ wife is a dental hygienist and has a captive audience while she works on clients.

Matt has always loved working with cattle and people.  He has started a new business to market cattle. He and his dad manage Reality Farms herd of about 200 head.  We have a spring and fall calving program.  Matt also provides cattle photography for catalog sales and ring man services at various breed sales.

Matt and Traci added a new generation to our family last January.  Her name is Maddox.  Our Grandsons are in high school and college and the eldest just graduated and married this summer.

We have been involved with the Belles and Bulls of the Blue Grass sales for several years.  The Simmental consigners are very easy to work with and have a genuine interest to provide good quality cattle for the sales.

Misty Meadows Farm :: Rondal & Judy Dawson

Misty Meadows is owned by Judy and Rondal Dawson. We have 177 acres. The farm is located in Shelby County between Frankfort and Shelbyville. Judy and I worked for Kentucky State Government. I worked as an engineering technologist for 36 years and Judy spent 33 years in personnel management. We both have been retired for 16 years. We have one son, David, and two grandchildren, Ben (15) and Abby (13). My hobby is raising Simmental cattle and Judy is involved in activities at church. This will be my 12th Belles of the Bluegrass. I still thank Dr. Fred Swain for inviting me into the sale. I have 42 purebred Simmental cows. You could describe my herd as being production cattle. We try to sell cattle that will calve easily, put on pounds and are docile. I enjoy being part of the Belles group. I think this is a group of breeders that sell high quality cattle and back up what they sell. I like talking to the buyers and have made some really good friends over the years. I hope with our new location, we will bring new interest and new friends.

Ratliff Cattle Company :: The Ratliff Family

Ratliff Cattle Company; I have been with the Belles’s group for three yrs ; I run 25 Simmental females and 35 angus females ; I try to concentrate on improving overall genetics by seeing what each female needs to increase her offsprings EPDs and choosing AI sires that may help these numbers : Trying to maintain a good body Size at the same time : watching calving ease and trying to get as much weaning as possible. I’m a Dentist and cattle producer. I have a Great wife Beth Ann that is also a Dentist and my business partner. I enjoy being apart of the Belles group because of the great Breeder involved with that program. Good bunch of men and women.

Swain Select Simmentals :: Fred & Phyllis Swain & family

This is our 20th with the Belles and Bulls of the Bluegrass as one of the original founders.  The Belles and Bulls sales were initiated with the intent to provide a quality  group of cattle with sound pedigrees for both the purebred and commercial programs.  The group of participants are interested in our customer’s success. Swain Select Simmentals have about 35 select cows calving yearly with an emphasis on cow families.  We focus on select production cattle and a balance of good phenotype and EPDs.We utilize some donors and embryo transfer for selection of superior performance.  Our focus is with production of females and bulls to move the Simmental and beef industries forward.We utilize primarily AI breeding, again, to produce the best and to bring new genetic superior markers to compliment our females.  We like caving ease but with growth for our customers.I enjoy the Belles/Bulls because the group is cooperative and tries to support each other as a common bond with consideration and respect for the advantages of each individual program.  We have an intent to bring our best to our customers.  Each participant brings their own unique cattle advantage to the group. Phyllis and I enjoy the practice of pediatric dentistry and what I feel is the advantage to the child.  We blend that passion with our second passion occupation of the cattle, the people of the cattle and probably most importantly the Simmental youth family. We are interested in and try to support the Eastern Junior Simmental youth.  The Eastern Junior Classic Funding Auction at the NAILE is one of the important projects we participate with to provide, along with others, support for our youth.  I invite all of you to come and enjoy this event with us.

Kaiser Simmentals :: Bill Kaiser

Kaiser Simmentals is a small operation located in Shelbyville, Ky , we run around 25 cows . We take advantage of A.I. And embryo transfer to produce the best genetics available .i have been involved with the belles group for several of years and am happy that I was given the opportunity to market my cattle with such a great group of breeders . After coming home from western Kentucky university , I was given the opportunity to move on the family farm and got interested in breeding registered simmental cattle , I have a beautiful 13 year old daughter named Mally Shea which helps me with weekend chores around the farm , we also enjoy anything to do with the outdoors, hunting, fishing etc .

Wayward Hill Farm :: Dr. Henry & Lou Ann Allen & family

Wayward Hill Farm is one of the original founders that started the Belles & Bulls of the Bluegrass. The Allen family runs about 150 registered cows.  90% being purebreds the remainder being percentage.  We focus on producing performance based cattle that excel in the pasture and still can be competitive in the show ring.  We also focus on producing and developing bulls that last for our commercial customer base.  We make it a point to purchase our customers calves to use in our feeder cattle backgrounding operation.  It is always a good place to visit with past customers and friends we have made over the years in the simmental cattle business.

Dr. Allen is a veterinarian focusing on strictly cattle.  LouAnn manages the book keeping aspect of Allen Vet Service and helping out with the Grandkids on a daily basis. Dr. Allen started in the Simmental business in 1974.  Sons Paul and Chris are still involved in the cattle business.  Chris is a partner and runs the daily operations of Wayward Hill Farm.  Chris and his wife Sara have 2 daughters Ann Lawrence (3 years old) and Addison (6 months old).  Paul is a partner and manager of A & S Cattle company.  Paul and his wife Michelle have 2 boys Reese (9 years old) and Gage (6 years old). The Allen family is involved in almost every aspect of the beef cattle industry.

Welsh Simmentals :: Jeff & Teresa Welsh

Welsh Simmentals is owned and operated by Jeff and Teresa Welsh with assistance from our son Adam.  Currently Welsh Simmentals is a 70 Cow operation focusing on raising the highest quality Simmental/SimAngus genetics possible. We continue to build strong genetics by utilizing embryo transfer, IVF, and AI breeding to high quality bulls. This will be our 12th year in the Belles of the Bluegrass. We have made many friends thru this sale and hope to continue to build more friendships.






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