DP’s birthday

Most everyone around here birthdays fall during some type of cattle event. DP #2 (Debbie)’s birthday is always during Denver. Mine falls during Fort Worth. Drew’s is during the Kentucky Beef Expo.

And DP’s always falls during the Ohio Beef Expo.

We love the Ohio Beef Expo because we have some favorite restuarants to go eat at. This always gives us a great opportunity to go out for DP’s birthday. This year his birthday fell on the day before the sale so we went out to McCormick and Schmick’s which is a great seafood restaurant.

Happy Birthday!

Thanks to social media and all of our customers and friends out there; his birthday got lots of well wishes on Facebook. People would even call him to wish him Happy Birthday, and when he asked how they knew – facebook! He always tells me not to put things about him on Facebook (do I listen?), but I know he liked everyone sending him love that day!

The best surprise though came on Saturday after the sale. Our dear friend CJ Brown (www.cjbrownstudios.com)is a great artist, and we love her work – just walk through our house. We own CJ Brown prints, we are in CJ Brown prints, our dogs are in CJ Brown prints, and we have a custom sheep print. We’re fans. One of my favorite things she does though are these small pencil drawings of subjects. Not really with any background – just simple pencil drawings.

Which brings us to this photo. 

This is one of DP’s favorite photos. This is SVF Sheza Star N902 at the National Western Stock Show. She later sold to Clear Water Simmentals for over $70,000.

So knowing that this is one of his favorite photos and admiring CJ’s pencil work I asked her to do this photo for him for his birthday. CJ always has a booth at the Ohio Beef Expo so it would work out just perfectly. On the morning of the Simmental sale we were suppose to head over to her booth where she would have it hanging. Well the day just got away from us and we never made it over. So it hung all day in her booth and people knew it was him! I was afraid someone would come by and say, “Hey, great photo, ” but luckily no one did. So CJ delivers it to us at the end of the day as we were finishing up clerking. She gets it out of the wrap and says, “Hey Doug, I want to show you a new piece I did and see what you think. I call it “The Great Simmental Showman.”


He was speechless at first. It turned out so good. The beam in the back with the fabric is just enough to let you know that it is the NWSS.  She signed the back “The Great Simmental Showman.” He is a great showman. He also knew that I was the culprit behind it because he says I am always trying to do special things like that.

Happy Birthday DP! And thanks CJ for sharing your talent with us once again!

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