The Lady behind the phone..

Some of you might have called the DP office, and got a voice that wasn’t Debbie. Chances are you talked to Brenda, but you also don’t know anything about her. So take a moment, sit down, and meet the lady behind the phone (and the bills!).

Meet Brenda Kendall

Meet Brenda Kendall

Brenda came to work at DP Sales Management in 2009. Her husband, Mike is Debbie’s cousin, and our families have always been very close.. Mike and Brenda have two children, Whitney (22) and Alex (17). When Paris got a snow storm one year, Mike delivered Brenda and the kids to the Parke resident since we had power and food. The snow was so deep he carried them up the driveway.

Brenda is a Real Estate Agent in Paris for Lehman Realtors, but when the housing market was slow, Brenda came to work for DP. And boy are we glad she did! She assists in the daily workings of the office, sends out bills, input sale nominations, paints cabinets, and puts up with Doug! So let’s learn alittle more about Brenda!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Florida is the state I like to travel to the most. My favorite city is Naples.

Hobby/Past time: Spending time with my husband and children. I also enjoy decorating!

Favorite Food: Mexican!

Favorite Drink:  In the summer I  have to have my Bud Light Lime, and in the winter anything I can get my hands on (just kidding!). With Mexican food, I also enjoy a Margarita!

Daily Routine before heading to work: Every morning I have to spot at Sonic on my way to work and get a Route 44 Diet Coke. This is very important!

What you like about working at DP: I like working with family, and learning about all aspects of the cattle industry and sales. It also allows me to have the flexability to do my Real Estate business as well.


So next time you call the DP office, say hello to Brenda and make sure you pay your bill on time, or she will send you a letter!

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