Back in the Saddle

DP’s last sale was the second weekend in May. Since then, we’ve been doing projects around our homes, taking a vacation, attending summer Simmental activities, and of course, preparing for the Fall sale season. We like to call the time from May to August “downtime” or “slower time.”

This past Saturday was our first sale of the Fall season. I know it isn’t technically Fall yet, but the period after “downtime” or “slower time” equals fall sale season for us. Time to get back in the swing of things. And sometimes swinging just isn’t that easy to get back into the rhythm. I felt more backwards than I ever have before. Trying to get back in a rhythm of sale time motions. I forgot things. I was slow. I couldn’t find things.

Luckily, we are a team, which means when someone screws up there is always someone there to fix it (and tell you that you screwed up!). 🙂 You quickly catch back on and remember where the stapler is, and where to upload this, but you just have to get your footing back under you.

On a brighter note, the sale was well attended and the cattle looked good. It was a little warm in north Alabama, but it didn’t seem to stop people from coming. Now that the first one is under our belt, it is like back to riding the bicycle. It is now time to push full speed ahead with collecting information, proofing catalogs, taking videos and pictures, and putting on auctions!

Check out the sale report for the Genetic Connection Sale -> here

Genetic Connection Sale

Happy Monday!

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