The gift of books

No matter if you are trying to build great, young leaders or just great young people in general, teaching them the act of service and giving, we believe is a very important trait. Especially in the world we live in today. Everyone has certain areas, organizations, or causes that are near and dear to their heart that they choose to give to.

As Simmental breeders, business owners, and past AJSA members we love that the AJSA and the Junior Board have implemented service projects into the summer regionals and National Classic.

As many of you know Holli and Drew’s son Knox was born premature, and spent two months in Nationwide Children’s Hospital with a congenital heart defect. That same year (2014) was the first year the AJSA Junior Board decided to do a service project. They chose Project Linus which makes blankets for sick children in the hospital. Knox was the recipient of two blankets from Project Linus at our hospital. At the 2014 Junior Nationals, the Junior Board presented them and the Bloomberg family with a blankets made during their Project Linus campaign. 

Once again, this year we are excited about the service project selected, Literacy for Little Ones. Literacy for Little Ones provides books to families in neonatal intensive care units. As parents of a graduate of a unit much like neonatal, we know the importance this plays in a new families life. We were not able to hold Knox for quite some time without supervision, tubes, and wires due to his health. He laid in an isolate to be viewed like a painting you weren’t allowed to touch. But through reading, we were able to interact with him, share with him, and be with him even though we weren’t able to hold him like a normal newborn. 

So, of course, we want to do all we can do to help little ones like Knox and their families. Knox has already been gathering up some books to take with him to the Junior Nationals. DP Sales Management will be attending the National Classic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and we would be happy to take along your book donations. We know that not everyone can make it to Mississippi, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be apart of this awesome service project.  You can bring books to us at the Eastern Regional this week if you aren’t making the trip to Mississippi or I have made an Amazon Book List (click here) of some great children’s books that you can purchase, send a gift message, and they will mail straight to us. We will then load them up and take them to Hattiesburg for the Children’s of Mississippi Medical Center.

If you choose to order from Amazon and have them mailed to us please make sure you sign the gift message so that we know who they are from and where. We would love to share that with the AJSA Junior Board, and who knows we might have a drawing for a prize or two.

The world would be a better place if we all took a little time out of our day to serve others and give of ourselves and our hearts. We are so glad that the AJSA is fostering that in its young leaders.

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Let’s Talk: Sales Talk

It would be no secret that Sales Talk was my favorite contest at the AJSA events, and it is also one of my favorite to judge. I guess you could say the contest came easy to me due to my dad, background, and future line of work. Sales Talk should be a fun contest, but junior members are actually able to interact with their judges instead of simply speaking to them such as public speaking. As I spoke of in my public speaking post, we have great AJSA educational events, but sometimes lack preparing those newbies on what to expect. Everyone “sells” themselves and their animals differently, but I thought we would look at some of the tips that worked for me as AJSA member winning the contest, and what I like to see as a judge.

Some people might say, “I just can’t sell things!” So “selling” might not be in your wheel house, but a knowledge of your animal in important no matter if you are in a sales talk contest or simply being an educated beef cattle producer. So you’ve got a registration paper in your hand, and an animal to sell…. what’s next.

Introduction: Some people take the approach as you have heard they are looking for something to buy, others take the approach of finding out what type of operation/needs the buyers have. Personally, I take the second. Every producer is different – some are looking for a show heifer, donor cow, replacement females to make bulls, or crossbreeding. You, as the seller should be familiar enough with your animal to turn your sales pitch into whatever your buyer is looking for.

After the introductions you can move into your animal. Personally, I move into the details of my animal. First, the animal herself, birth date, show record, disposition, status of open or bred. It is also a great time for the judges to take a walk around your female and check out her phenotype. Then move onto her pedigree. Here is where I believe we are lacking in our sales talk. The depth of the knowledge of the animal isn’t there especially in the pedigree. Now this part might require you to look up some stuff on the ASA website, do a little internet research, or talk to breeders. Yes, you should know WHO the sire and dam of your animal is, but TELL ME MORE! Below is an actual animal that I did a sales talk on back in the day. To many of the junior members, this will be an old school pedigree. :) So obviously, as you look at this pedigree, we are going to know that the sire if GW Lucky Dice. (I always started with the top part of the pedigree, I’m not sure why). So instead of just telling me that the sire is Lucky Dice, you need to know more as the pedigree is extended. LCHMAN Lucky Buck especially. These two bulls would have played a large role in the breed, so those would be things I would have brought up. Champions sired. Usage of the bulls through AI. If they are rated in the most used bulls in the breed. Number of calves registered. Homozygous black, polled. 

Then move down to the maternal side of the pedigree…(see the usage of the word maternal). Now HC Honeysuckle Rose was the building block of my herd, so I had a lot to talk about. If the dam of your animal isn’t in your herd, try to do some research to learn more about her. If you purchased your animal through a sale, try contacting the seller to see what you could learn about the dam. On the dam side of pedigree, we want to talk about what the cow has done; what she has produced. If the dam is a first calf heifer, tell me how she did as a first calf heifer. As you can see this female was a embryo, so I want to talk about the flush record of Honeysuckle Rose. How has she flushed, who have you flushed her to, and what has any other offspring done. Then again, we extend the pedigree to talk about Right Time and 81B; both who had a big impact on the breed. Talking about their success, their usage, offspring, etc.

Now lets move on to the genetic side of my female. Of course, I pulled this pedigree off the ASA Herd database so my paper doesn’t look like a normal registration paper, but the information is still the same. First lets point out that if you are working off a registration paper that was not issued this Spring, your EPD’s are not correct. Go to the ASA Herdbook and check out how the EPD’s have changed. Though you can’t take the new ones in with you on a piece of paper, it would be very beneficial to know how they have changed whether up or down. Of course, the biggest thing about EPD’s is knowing what they stand for and how your animal compares to breed average. Point out the high notes in the EPD’s. Like with my heifer I would talk about her Yearling EPD as it is in the Top 25% of the breed. From pedigree knowledge, I know that this cow family has great growth EPD’s, which I would want to highlight. Currently, API is important to many breeders so know where your animal falls based on the breed average. EPD’s is also a great place to showcase how a breeding decision might alter the EPD’s. If you chose to breed your female to a bull with a great calving ease EPD for a first calf heifer – highlight it here. If your buyer is looking to produce bulls or feeder cattle, you will want to talk about the carcass trait EPDs.

Breeding Status of female: If your female is bred you will want to know who she is bred to and when she is due. Of course it is more than just knowing who she is bred to – you need to know WHY. If it because of a certain trait that you want to improve phenotypically or a trait that you want to work on genetically. It is also great to know what the resulting progeny will be – purebred, percentage. If the calf should be red or black – if the bull you bred her to is homozygous black or hetero.

Price: This subject differs depending on who you talk to. In my personal opinion, if you come in and tell me you what $10,000 for your female then you better be able to tell me why and how I am going to make my money back, and she better fly or do some kind of trick. Which would make all the above things we talked about make more important. I am a firm believer that you price reasonably and be able to make a good reasoning for your price and sale. When I showed Sazerac, who won numerous shows and later sold as donor for over $50,000 – I priced her in sales talk in Sedalia, Missouri for $2,500. Just remember its not about the price of the animal – its how well you sell it.

As they call time: Don’t let them call time and you walk away without closing your pitch. Whether that ends with them saying they will make the purchase or if they need more time to think about. Tell them you hope that you have given them the information they need to make an informed decision, you would love to visit with them more, and look forward to working together in the future.

And ta-da.. your seven minutes are up! But really, the more you know about your animal, pedigree, and how she can work for the breed the faster your time goes and the easier it is to make the sale. Don’t get worried about whether or not they actually “buy” your animal by the end of the sale. I hardly ever sold my during sales talk and I rarely buy during the talk as a judge.

I realize this is ALOT of information, and I’m not saying my way to go about sales talk is the only way. If you take away anything from this blog post know that that knowledge and depth of information are important aspects to a great sales talk!

Good Luck!



Other tidbits:

- Don’t be too rehearsed. If you write out your sales talk or prepare too much on what order you are going to say things it is easy to get thrown off if they ask you a question.

- Don’t be too pushy. People always want to buy something from someone they trust and can have a genuine conversation with.

- Smile and act like your are enjoying yourself. I’d much rather buy from a happy person.








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Let’s Talk: Public Speaking

Being a past AJSA junior member and an individual with a vested interest in the Simmental breed, I get asked a lot to judge contests at the regionals/junior nationals. I really enjoy it because not only do I get to go back to an event that heavily shaped who I am as a person, but I also enjoy helping AJSA members and young people in general become the best version of theirselves they can be. So with the junior nationals coming up next week (and boy is it going to be a BIG one), I thought I would take a look at two of my favorite contests out at the junior nationals.

The AJSA program gives a lot to a young person I believe. We help them not only market their Simmental genetics through the show ring, but we host educational contests that allow them to gain personal growth as well. One of my favorite contests is Public Speaking, and a lot of you might run away from that. Heck, even some adults would run away from having to speak in public. Glossophobia or the fear of public speaking is something a lot of Americans feel, and it is usually the first contest anyone would go running from. BUT from a personal growth standpoint, it is the contest that will give you the most you can use in the future because like it or not at some point you will have to speak in front of a group.

One of the areas I think we lack on is preparing our young people and especially first timers on what to do or what kind of format to go by. Due to the age range of participants and the number of first time participants at an event, a young person might go into a regional or junior national not knowing what goes on in these contests. Of course, the AJSA speech contest is extemporaneous speech in which junior members pick a topic, are given an information packet, and prepare a speech in 30 minutes. As you are working on your speech, think about the organization of your thoughts. In your introduction, you should capture the audience’s (or in this case judges) attention with a quote, story, or personal experience. Then follow your attention getter with a summary of what you will be speaking about and state your three main points. The most important thing I can say about the body of the speech is make sure you stay organized in your thoughts and support your body points with facts, personal experience, and data. DON’T forget the conclusion! Your conclusion should be the driving home of your speech. Restate the points from your body and connect to your introduction/attention getter. Many times you see someone just end their speech with “That’s all I have.” A conclusion goes a long way in wrapping up your thoughts in an organized manner.

Here are a few tips for successful speeches from the Toastmasters International that I thought were very helpful, things I like in a speech, and relate to the AJSA Public Speaking Contest.

  • Start strong. Begin your speech with a powerful opening that will grab your audience’s attention, such as a startling fact or statistic, an interesting story or a funny joke.
  • Be conversational. Avoid reading your speech word for word. Instead, refer to notes or points from an outline to help your speech have a more free-flowing, conversational tone.
  • Speak with passion. If you’re truly invested in what you’re saying, you’ll be better able to keep your audience’s attention.
  • Eye contact establishes an immediate bond with an audience, especially when a speaker focuses in on individual listeners rather than just gazing over the audience as a whole.
  • Control mannerisms. Mannerisms are the nervous expressions a speaker might not be aware of such as putting their hands in their pockets, nodding their head excessively, or using filler words like um and ah too often.
  • Move around the stage as topics change and move toward the audience when asking questions, making critical connections, or offering a revelation.


Make sure at the end of junior nationals you pick up your comment pages from the judges so that you can see what they have to say about your speech. You should hopefully find some good tips on things you can work on for next time. Though they might be judges, we also like to help the participant continue to develop and get better with every speech they give. The Public Speaking contest at AJSA events should be an exciting, rewarding, and educational event – not something that is dreaded. So pick a topic, stand up straight, and get over the dreaded glossophobia!





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A New Year, A New Sale Season Approaches

As we welcome 2016 this evening, it is not too late to think about consigning to a number of spring expos. We would love to help you market your operation and Simmental genetics. Nomination deadlines for the Dixie, Kentucky, and the Mid America are fast approaching; so if you intend to consign we need to know ASAP.

Please contact DP Sales Management if you are interested in consigning or visit our information for more information.

A few reminders as you send in your nomination for Spring Expos.
1. All animals must be registered with the ASA. No pending registrations will be printed.
2. On a cow/calf pair: calves on the side of cows must be registered.
3. An original ASA registration paper MUST be turned in to DP staff at the sale.
4. On embryos: sire and donor dam must be registered and parent verified.
5. All animals need to have a high quality posed photo. This greatly assists with the marketing of your animal. No cell phone photos will be accepted for catalog use.
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Nichols’ historic donation

Back in the spring, DP was contacted by the great Dave Nichols of Nichols Farm. Dave had recently found out that he was being inducted into the Saddle & Sirloin at the North American Interanational Livestock Exposition. The Saddle & Sirloin is a great honor, and one that has never been achieved by a Simmental breeder. To celebrate his induction, Dave wanted to support the two breeds that he has a huge impact on through Nichols Farm. Nichols Farm would be donating two females, one Simmental and one Angus to be auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting their respective Foundations. Dave asked if DP would come out to Bridgewater, Iowa to help select the Simmental female and assist in the marketing and selling of the chosen female.

In May, DP, Drew, Knox, and I visited Nichols Farm. Ross Havens, who has been a long time employee of Nichols Farm took us on the grand tour of the Nichols cowherd. We had such a great day looking through the Simmental herd at Nichols Farm, and having the opportunity to visit with Dave. I hope that one day in the future we can tell Knox about this once in a lifetime experience he got to have.

Fast forward a few months and the time is growing near for the Foundation female to be auctioned off. The female selected Nichols Linden A80 will sell at the NAILE Select Sale on Monday, November 15th at 5:00 PM; a day after Dave is inducted into the Saddle & Sirloin. To make the deal even more appealing, A80 will sell bred back and with her heifer calf, Nichols Lucy Lou C2. To view a video of the pair: click here. Dave is a great advocate for the genetic side of the beef industry, so it comes to no surprise that both A80 and her calf have phenomenal EPD’s that will have a huge impact on any program. These genetics are true herd-building. This is a very unique opportunity to be able to purchase a female from the Nichols herd because they haven’t sold a female at auction since their production sale 20 years ago. As you look back through Simmental pedigrees, it is hard to find one that doesn’t trace back to Nichols genetics. 80% percent of Simmental pedigrees can be traced back to Nichols. There is definitely no other operation that has had the impact and continues to have an impact on the breed as Nichols does.

This entire package sells at the NAILE Select Sale with the proceeds going toward the American Simmental Simbrah Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about this donation, and giving please contact Holli Hatmaker.

To learn more about the Saddle & Sirloin and Dave’s induction: Click here




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Are the green shavings in jeopardy?


There are some things you don’t forget. Most people could rattle off the day their kids were born, the day they got married – you know the usual. Though for most livestock exhibitors, many might be able to recall a relation with the NAILE and those beautiful green shavings a day they will never forget. Perhaps it was your first time showing there, the sound of the organ, walking down the walkaway into Freedom Hall. There is something about the nostalgic event that runs deep in the veins of livestock exhibitors.


So it is no surprise that when news articles and rumors started spreading on Facebook about the future of the North American International Livestock Expo that many people – well for lack of a better term – got their panties in a wad. I felt that since we are a livestock business based in Kentucky that we help shed some light on the subject. DP Sales Management, of course, hosts a prestigious Simmental sale at the NAILE each November, and that is where we want the home of the NAILE Select Sale to remain. (DP Sales is now accepting consignments to the NAILE Select Sale.)

Yes, there have been quite a few shake ups going on up in Louisville. The NAILE is not the only event that is feeling this. The Kentucky Beef Expo’s 2016 date will be earlier due to a helicopter convention that was placed on top of the long standing Expo date. Since the helicopter convention is a closed event, meaning no other events or spectators on the grounds – well let’s say the expo got booted. The National FFA Convention will not return to Louisville after 2016 due to the lack of hotel accommodations in the Louisville area. And like you have read the NAILE has lost a few of its very dedicated and knowledgeable staff members including Corinne Fetter and Harold Workman. Jack Ragsdale, chairman of the NAILE committee was let go then asked to come back as a honorary chairman. Nice gesture from the Governor, but will they allow him to have a say; I guess we will find out.

Considering the Expo, NAILE, and the FFA Convention, it would seem that the trouble surrounds Agriculture events. I, personally couldn’t tell you. I know that Mr. Rippatoe’s (Chair of the Fair Board and NAILE manager) doesn’t have an Agriculture background. That doesn’t mean he does not support them. Events such as the NAILE and the National FFA Convention, bring great commerce to the city of Louisville and the Expo Center. I mean have you seen the price of a cheeseburger? I would hope that he sees how Agriculture events in Kentucky are supported both locally and nationally by the Agriculture and livestock industries.

In a recent Farm World article, numerous Kentucky Agriculture officials such as the head of Farm Bureau, the Commissioner of Agriculture, and others try to reiterate the importance of the NAILE to the state of Kentucky. I guess that is there way of trying to restore the faith of concerned livestock exhibitors.

Good thing livestock exhibitors don’t lose their faith too easily. We all love the NAILE and find it to be the Super Bowl of all livestock shows. So what do we need to do? Come. Exhibit. Buy the expensive bedding (much love to Rick at Feeders Supply), and most importantly work hard to take home those coveted purple and gold felt banners. These business people with their fancy suits can try to get us down, but the livestock community will continue to support an event that they have loved and will continue to love for many years. We just need to continue to show the Fair Board, the NAILE committee, and the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center that the NAILE in Louisville is an event we will continue to support. Let’s make this the largest number of entries the NAILE has ever seen!

Unless you take away the green shavings – and then all beats are off!

See you in Louisville!



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A Frosty Mid America Sale

Another great Simmental weekend in the books..


The Mid America Sale held at the Illinois Beef Expo is the product of a vibrant state breed association. Friday evening the Illinois Simmental Association held their annual meeting and awards banquet. Many outstanding breeders and supporters were recognized for their efforts. While everyone was enjoying the evening the snow began to fall, and boy did it come down quick! By the time the meeting adjourned there was already several inches on the ground. The snow continued through the night but it didn’t stop a packed house of buyers on Saturday morning. A big thank you to the sale chairman Jim Stoutenborough for his hard work, the Illinois Simmental Association Board of Directors, and all of the consignors and buyers.

IL State Fairgrounds on Friday evening.


The top open at $11,900 was a Combustible sired half-blood from Jackson Lashmet Farm and was selected by David Dillon & Tyler Diffey, MS. The top bred was from Sunny View Farm, a striking Montecito daughter bred to Combustible was taken home by Circle M Simmental, IL for $5,000. A Broker son from Frost Brothers/Fairow Farms took the top bull spot at $6,900 and went to Roger Ruppel, IL. The popular set of embryos of the day were out of SF/DF JLo’s Reba and WLE Big Deal were selected by the progressive Indiana breeders, Knapper Cattle at $1,000 each.

45 lots averaged $4,256     Click Here for the full report


This week..

Click to View Offering

Ending on Tuesday February 24 at 8:00pm EST the Family Traditions Online Embryo and Semen sale over at This group of breeders led by Sunset View Farm have always provided proven genetics that work in the real world. Take a minute to check out the offering of not only embryos, but also semen from the SVF bull battery, it even includes some hard to find Built Right semen.


In addition to the Family Traditions Online Sale going on this week, the group is having their annual bull sale this Saturday February 28, 2015. As always there is something for any type of operation in the offering. Take a look at the entire set. Don’t hesitate to call any of the consignors, or any DP Sales team member for further assistance. The sale will be live on DV Auctions- so don’t miss it.

Click to View Offering

Don’t forget to let us know how your purchase(s) from our sales are doing. E-mail us, text us or tag us in you show photos or calf photos.



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Back at it..

We’ll as many of you know when you have an 11 month old in the house it’s hard to get things done, and that among other reasons has lead to a lapse in our blog posting…


It’s Spring Sale Season… and it’s off to a great start

Last weekend, the Dixie National had several highlights including a One Eyed Jack son setting a new Dixie record at $15,000 for Trennepohl Farms and selling to Fenton Farms, MS. That bull later went on to be Division Champion in the show the next day. The top bred female at $9,000 was a BC Classic heifer bred to GSC All In from  J&C Parker Farms, TN and was selected by Clear Water Simmentals, IN. Thatfemale too went on the next day to be Division Champion. An American Pride sired open female from Bramlet/HTP was selected by Triple C Farms, TN for $8,500. Gerdes Show Cattle selected a flush lot out of sale on the female that went on to be Champion Percentage female in the Sunday show. The 57 lots averaged $3,641, we would like to congratulate all of the consignors and buyers for a fantastic Simmental event! A special thank you to the Mississippi  Simmental/Simbrah Association for all of their hard work to ensure the Dixie National Show and Sale goes off without a hitch. Check out the complete sale report click here.

On to this weekend…DP Sales Management, LLC is very excited to for the first time work with IL Simmental Association and assisting it’s members with the Mid America Sale. If you haven’t taken a look at the offering you should! This outstanding group of consignors have really swung their gates. So many outstanding cow families are in this offering including: Nicolette, Sheza Dandy, Miss Knockout, Jessie, Cream Soda, Queens Lucy, No Joke, J-Lo, Dixie Erica, She’s Glamorous, Victoria and many more. There are also some early progeny out of several younger sires like Uprising, One Eyed Jack and Combustible. We hope you are making plans to be with us in Springfield this weekend however if not, the sale will broadcast live on DV Auctions.

The IL Assn. has also done a great job assembling a top-notch set of semen to be offered at the annual meeting on Friday on the fairgrounds. Check out the back couple of pages in the catalog for the complete listing. Top bulls include: Uprising, Upper Class, Wheelman, Quantum Leap, W/C Bullseye, One Eyed Jack, Ignition and several more. Call any member of the DP Sales team, Justin Alwardt, or any IL Simmental board member to leave a bid. View Sale Catalog


Lastly we’d like to hear from you..

Let us know how your purchase(s) from our sales are doing. E-mail us, text us or tag us in you show photos or calf photos.



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Introducing DP Online Sales!

Technology is ever changing our world. Like it or not it has changed the cattle industry over the years. As most cattlemen, farmers, and ranchers have found out you must adapt and go on, or it can quickly leave you behind.

The same can be said for the sales management business. Who knew that there would be things like online catalogs and apps just to name a couple. I guess the saying, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way,” can be used when talking about a lot of things, but especially when it relates to how technology changes things.

So, DP Sales is taking the leap. We are launching DP Online Sales, LLC; your place for Simmental focused online sales. No, we aren’t straying away from the good ole’ live auction because that is where our heart is and will always be centered. Plus, we still believe it is one of the best ways for price discovery and to market your operation. We have listened to our clients and have responded are simply branching out and embracing technology. Online sales have become very popular in the last two years, and will likely continue that trend in the future. We recognize to serve our customers to the best of our ability we need to travel all avenues of marketing. Online events are a great place to market embryos, semen, and small groups in a fast and cost-effective manner.

DP Sales has proudly worked hard to build a reputation as one of the top sales management firms in the Simmental industry, and now we are brining that same great customer service and knowledge to the web. Our customer base already established in the Simmental industry will help pinpoint potential buyers right for your auction. We believe our software is easy to use and follows the format of a sale catalog – so no need to go hunting for information.

We are now booking online sales for the fall. We would love to talk to you about your future online sale, and what we can do to help market your genetics. Feel free to contact any of us to discuss the possibilities with DP Online Sales.


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Eastern Regional Results

Judge: Chris Mullinix, Manhattan, KS

Champion Steer: 2A sired by GCC Whizard exhibited by Kristen Buck, IN

Champion Bred & Owned Simbrah Heifer: CLANTONS Show Time  sired by Black Vengeance exhibited by Lamar Clanton, MS

Champion Simbrah Heifer: SSS Bluebell 528A sired by 6G/LMC Ragjin Canjun exhibited by Marie Clanton, MS

Champion Percentage Cow/Calf Pair: BRS 928Z Strike 3 J-Lo sired by Flying B Cut Above exhibited by Josh Bray, NC


Champion Purebred Cow/Calf Pair: Mojito 23W sired by ACC1 Hustler 2N exhibited by Luke Herr, IN

Reserve Purebred Cow/Calf Pair: Salley’s Ms Polly sired by SVF/NJC Built Right exhibited by Olivia Branum, MS


Champion Bred & Owned Percentage Heifer: AKP-RP Whoopie A039 sired by RP/MP Mo Magic 312X exhibited by AK Phillips, KY

Reserve Bred & Owned Percentage Heifer: MS MLH American Girl sired by Flying B Cut Above exhibited by Cooper Canada, KY

3rd Overall: 3TRS Star Struck sired by Flying B Cut Above exhibited by Lily Swain, KY

4th Overall: RP/MP Valetine A002 sired by RP/MP Mo Magic 312X exhibited by Morgan Phillips, KY

5th Overall: AAS Smokin Hot sired by Smokehouse exhibited by McCall Griffith, MD


Champion Percentage Heifer: 3 Aces Shadoe A213 sired by Remington Secret Weapon exhibited by Justin Teeter, NC

Reserve Percentage Heifer: E/T Alexus 368A sired by Mr. NLC Upgrade exhibited by Dylan Chastain, GA

3rd Overall: Miss CCF Glitter Z309 sired by BC Lookout exhibited by Steven Cooper, GA

4th Overall: STF Zoey AN53 sired by WAF Zorzal 321U exhibited by Lindsey Miller, OH

5th Overall: DGT Jasmine 401A sired by C Bar Master Design exhibited by Macy Favorite, TN

6th Overall: AKP-RP Whoopie A039 sired by RP/MP Mo Magic 312X exhibited by AK Phillips, KY

7th Overall: MS MLH American Girl sired by Flying B Cut Above exhibited by Cooper Canada, KY

8th Overall: 3TRS Star Struck sired by Flying B Cut Above exhibited by Lily Swain, KY

9th Overall: RP/MP Valetine A002 sired by RP/MP Mo Magic 312X exhibited by Morgan Phillips, KY

10th Overall: Partisover Macy 344Z sired by Mr. NLC Upgrade exhibited by Cindy Cooper, GA


Champion Bred & Owned Purebred Heifer: RP/MP Built to Love A021 exhibited by Morgan Phillips, KY

Reserve Bred & Owned Purebred Heifer: AK/NDS Sassy Snazzi sired by Remington Lock N Load exhibited by Chris Hart, GA

3rd Overall: RRFS Blue Belle sired by Flying B Final Cut exhibited by Zack Hones, VA

4th Overall: M-R Coco Chanel sired by Mack AF W273 exhibited by Kyle Brinkman, OH

5th Overall: RRFS Fancy Face sired by M2C Conan exhibited by Zack Jones, VA


Champion Purebred Heifer: RP/MP Built to Love A021 exhibited by Morgan Phillips, KY

Reserve Champion Purebred Heifer:  Kriz/SVF Reddy Z16 sired by SS/PRS High Voltage exhibited by Bella Swain, KY

3rd Overall: AK/NDS Sassy Snazzi sired by Remington Lock N Load exhibited by Chris Hart, GA

4th Overall: 307A sired by CNS Pays to Dream exhibited by Macy Favorite, TN

5th Overall: OBCC Perfect Summer sired by AJE/PB Montecito exhibited by Cooper Canada, KY

6th Overall: MF Arabesque sired by MCM Top Grade exhibited by Emily Ivey, TN

7th Overall: FBFS Adriana 065A sired by Make it Rain exhibited by Rachel Dickson, OH

8th Overall: HS Neon Sky A37U sired by Gunslinger exhibited by Thomas Willis, WV

9th Overall: AK/NDS Miss Confussion sired by SVF Steel Force exhibited by Justin Teeter, NC

10th Overall: CLRWTR Ms. Knockout sired by W/C Wide Track exhibited by Luke Herr, IN

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