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Family Ties

It’s an exciting weekend for the Simmental breed in Iowa this weekend. Iowa has a long standing history of producing […]

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Under the lights in West Point

Growing up as an AJSA member, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people, and make […]

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Online at Windy Ridge

The blog today jumps from the live auction world to a world centered around the click of the mouse; online […]

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23 and counting

This weekend we are once again celebrating a sale and operation that has been in the Simmental business for over […]

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Celebrating 20 years

I love celebrating. Events, birthdays, anniversaries, good news; whatever it is, I love to celebrate it. I’m known to send […]

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The Goldmine of Louisburg

At the moment, we are traveling west toward St. Louis headed toward the 15th annual Head of the Class Sale. […]

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KenCo Cattle Company

This week we aren’t headed too far home; just 3 hours south to the town of Auburn, Kentucky for the […]

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The chant heard round the world

There some of the most interesting people in the room. Their fast talking skills command your attention, and you better […]

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Grown with love

If you keep up with us on Facebook or Instagram, you might have noticed we have been doing a bit […]

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Service with Style

Earlier this summer, a great member of the American Simmental Association retired after years of service to our breed and […]

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