Marketing at Beef Expos

By: Garrett Stanfield, DP Sales Intern

As the 2018 calving season begins, and you wrap up your planned matings for the fall calf crop, there are certainly a number of questions going through your head. Ideally, one of those questions is “where will I market these new genetics and my previous calf crop”? Establishing a marketing plan for your herd is of the highest importance to ensure your operation is able to thrive.

As a producer, you have several options to market your genetics. You can choose from online sales, private treaty sales, live auctions, and more. Furthermore, there are a variety of considerations to take into account when making your final decision. These considerations often include things such as, which choice will generate the most exposure for my operation, which one best fits my scope as a producer, and which one will generate the most revenue. As you consider your options, we hope you will consider consigning some of your most elite to a beef expo.

Reviewing the considerations, beef expos are able to contribute to each mentioned item. Beef expos are often considered one of the best sources to obtain some of the best genetics in the country. Consigning your cattle to a beef expo allows you to showcase your genetic base to potential customers across the nation, and offers the potential to expand your clientele in to the future. Your cattle and genetics are on display for stockmen from different segments within the industry, including both the commercial and seedstock sectors. Additionally, beef expos are able to benefit producers with any size of an operation. They allow producers with small herds to bring their most elite and establish a reputation within the industry, but also allow larger producers to showcase some of their best to expand their customer base. While beef expos often generate added interest for cattle across the board, it is the responsibility of the producer to ensure that they consign a quality animal or genetic lot that will command an equally good price. As you continue the day to day tasks associated with livestock production, it is important to establish a marketing strategy. As you finalize that plan, we hope you will consider consigning lots to an upcoming beef expo this spring!

To nominate an animal for the spring expos please visit our website.

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