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As a young AJSA member heading off to the junior nationals, it was always exciting to get gathered up with all the Kentucky members and head off in our convo to another show. ┬áIt was always an adventure. We have set on the side of the road (numerous times) because someone in the group had a blow out, wrote rap songs about each other, and styled someone’s hair when they were asleep.

So, it is only fitting that the host city for this year’s AJSA National Classic tag line is, “Create your own adventure!” Simmental families from across the United States, and I do mean across, “Hey there Bein’s family!”, will pack up and head south to Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This isn’t Hattiesburg first welcome party to AJSA members. Back in 2012, the Mississippi Simmental-Simbrah Association hosted the Eastern Regional Classic.

Though most of you will have never traveled there before, I did some leg work for you on some things to see and eat while in the ‘burg.

Let’s start with eat. Now I know the great people from Mississippi will be feeding us a lot at the show, but incase mom’s and dad’s are looking for a meal away from the kids.

  • Chesterfield’s – Let’s face it. We are in the south, and in the near vicinity of the ocean. I expect seafood. Chesterfield’s has this amazing cheesy crab bread for an appetizer/meal/who cares what time you eat just do. Steaks are good as well, especially when said seafood is added.
  • Crescent City Grill – More seafood yumminess. They feature a big menu with lots to choose from. Pick one appetizer – I dare you. It’s hard too many choices. Crab wontons.
  • Keg & Barrel – This one is on our list of must tries this year. Famous for burgers and southern food.
  • Cotton Blues – Another one added to the list for this year. Who doesn’t love a place where they specialize in using products and foods made and grown in Mississippi. Ag people can definitely get behind that.

    2012 Eastern Regionals

For those of who looking to venture off the fairgrounds for some adventure, Hattiesburg has a zoo. Knox and I are thinking about starting a “See how many zoo’s we can visit.”

And last but not least, I know some of you (Amy and Jennifer Tarr) have been dreaming about just how far the Gulf of Mexico is from Hattiesburg. In about and hour and a half you can touch your toes in the water in Gulfport.

No matter what, people in the south know the importance of wonderful hospitality. I can guarantee you the Mississippi Simmental-Simbrah Association will at the gate welcoming you to their great state and invite you to share in the wonderful adventure that is the AJSA summer experience.


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