Nichols’ historic donation

Back in the spring, DP was contacted by the great Dave Nichols of Nichols Farm. Dave had recently found out that he was being inducted into the Saddle & Sirloin at the North American Interanational Livestock Exposition. The Saddle & Sirloin is a great honor, and one that has never been achieved by a Simmental breeder. To celebrate his induction, Dave wanted to support the two breeds that he has a huge impact on through Nichols Farm. Nichols Farm would be donating two females, one Simmental and one Angus to be auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting their respective Foundations. Dave asked if DP would come out to Bridgewater, Iowa to help select the Simmental female and assist in the marketing and selling of the chosen female.

In May, DP, Drew, Knox, and I visited Nichols Farm. Ross Havens, who has been a long time employee of Nichols Farm took us on the grand tour of the Nichols cowherd. We had such a great day looking through the Simmental herd at Nichols Farm, and having the opportunity to visit with Dave. I hope that one day in the future we can tell Knox about this once in a lifetime experience he got to have.

Fast forward a few months and the time is growing near for the Foundation female to be auctioned off. The female selected Nichols Linden A80 will sell at the NAILE Select Sale on Monday, November 15th at 5:00 PM; a day after Dave is inducted into the Saddle & Sirloin. To make the deal even more appealing, A80 will sell bred back and with her heifer calf, Nichols Lucy Lou C2. To view a video of the pair: click here. Dave is a great advocate for the genetic side of the beef industry, so it comes to no surprise that both A80 and her calf have phenomenal EPD’s that will have a huge impact on any program. These genetics are true herd-building. This is a very unique opportunity to be able to purchase a female from the Nichols herd because they haven’t sold a female at auction since their production sale 20 years ago. As you look back through Simmental pedigrees, it is hard to find one that doesn’t trace back to Nichols genetics. 80% percent of Simmental pedigrees can be traced back to Nichols. There is definitely no other operation that has had the impact and continues to have an impact on the breed as Nichols does.

This entire package sells at the NAILE Select Sale with the proceeds going toward the American Simmental Simbrah Foundation. If you are interested in learning more about this donation, and giving please contact Holli Hatmaker.

To learn more about the Saddle & Sirloin and Dave’s induction: Click here




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