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Throughout the sale season, whether it be spring or fall, you get used to seeing the same faces working the ring. Being a ring man is a profession many try, but only the cream of the crop succeed at. A great ring man can certainly help your sale in many ways. Steve Sellers is and always will be one of the finest ring man that will ever work the ring.

On Saturday, September 21, Steve Sellers worked his last sale as an employee with EDJE Technologies. Many of you might not know that Steve has taken a different job with to focus more on staying home and spending time with his granddaughter.

To many of you, Steve Sellers has been a long time fixture in the Simmental breed. He has always been a great advocate for the Simmental breed. Steve was the face of the ASA Eastern Region as he travelled working sales, taking pictures, working the ring, and selling advertising. After many years of service to the ASA, Steve joined the staff of EDJE Technologies;  however he still remained connected to the Simmental breed.  We, at DP Sales, of course, enjoyed having him every weekend at our sales working center stage.

More than that, Steve and his family have been friends for many years. I can vividly remember staying at Steve and CeCe’s house where his daughters, myself, and some other girls performed some sort of musical number. Steve even took Drew and I’s engagement photos. There is not a better friend than we could have imagined to capture those moments.

One couldn’t help but be sad at the KenCo Family Matters as it was Steve’s last hoorah. I felt like we should have gotten him a cake or something to show our appreciation for his years of ring service. Instead I took this photo on sale day to celebrate his last day.

Like I said, Steve usually always works center ring. I’m not sure if this was on purpose or not, but at the Family Matters Sale Steve worked the side and Shane Ryan worked center. I noticed this throughout the sale. I’m not sure if it was a passing of the torch to a younger ring man, but it felt that way to me. Jered Shipman, auctioneer made a nice speech about Steve as he introduced the ring man that day. He mentioned that Steve is one of the best ring man he has had the pleasure to work with, and I believe that many would agree.

From the New York Newsletter:

After much thought and research I have accepted a position with as their C2C Online Sales Manager. is the largest online real estate marketplace in the world and I will be managing a relative new division dealing with online consumer to consumer residential auctions as opposed to their larger foreclosed and REO home auctions.
This will end my tenure with EDJE Technologies, effective September 18, 2013. I have enjoyed the opportunity to watch this company grow and develop. It has been my pleasure to serve your advertising and marketing needs through the use of EDJE products and other services like photography and ring service. I will fulfill a handful of ring service and photography obligations in September, but after that will generally no longer provide those services.
I’m excited about the prospect of new opportunities. Though this new position eliminates most of my travel, I look forward to continuing our friendship in other ways.
Please know that you can contact me anytime. My phone numbers will remain the same and my current email ( will remain active for a few weeks. I’ll forward a new email address when available.Thank you for the opportunity to serve. Steve Sellers 770-957-6145 office 770-546-1307 cell


This weekend at the Head of the Class we will begin the sale without Steve Sellers working the center. And boy, it will sure be different.  No matter what though it will be a “Oh la,la kind of day!”

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