The Little Things….

If you look back a post, you might have read about Matt Koverman. Matt was a young consignor we had the chance to meet and work with at the Ohio Beef Expo. The other day before we left to head to the Virginia Beef Expo, the mail came. As we were going through the stack looking for the new magazines and catalogs I came across an envelope. You could tell the handwriting was precise and well thought out.

And then you saw what was inside. A handwritten, thoughtful note from Matt. It was so incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Not many young people would do something like he did – just a small gesture of gratitude that will leave a lasting impression.


The last week there has been so many bad things happen in our country. So much sadness and hurt, but it is things like this that make you remember that there are good people in the world. The Koverman’s are raising a great young man!

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