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This past weekend was the Stars & Stripes Sale held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The sale site, at Mountain View Farms, is just minutes away from where the action took place at the Battle of Gettysburg. We tell everyone that if you are going to attend one sale all spring, it should be this one. The area is rich with history. Of course, if you flipped through the sale catalog you might have seen that they offer tours on Friday afternoon before the pre-sale dinner. This isn’t your boring, run of the mill tour. This is a personalized tour just for you!

Dr. Carol Reardon has done the tour for the past few years, and is absolutely wonderful. Last year we found out that her and Tom Vossler, owner of Mountain View Farms and retired Colonel has been commissioned to write a book together on Gettysburg. So this year; with the release of their book coming soon, they did the tour together! It was definitely a treat for the 18 individuals who went on the tour.

Of course, we wanted to have the two celebrities signing books on sale day, but it isn’t available quite yet. So the next best thing we could do was hand out these cards with all the information about the book. And we want you to know where you can get it! I even bet if you get it and bring it to the sale next year you can get it autographed!

Here it is!


The Field Guide takes you through 35 ( I believe, but don’t quote me) stops throughout the battlefield. You can literally take the book and travel through the battlefield and Tom and Carol will tell you what happened. Not only does it tell you what happened there, but what real civilians went through during the war. Like losing their homes, barns, and animals. People tried to get the government to help them out afterwards, but many never saw a dime.

If you are interested in learning more about the book, how to order it, and when it comes out you can visit  here. It is definitely exciting to know that our friends Tom & Carol authored this amazing book about history. It definitely makes you have one of those, “Hey, I know them!” moments.

So order your book and bring it with you to the 2014 Stars & Stripes Sale the first Saturday in May!

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