What’s in the mail?

We get A LOT of mail.

From sale catalogs, to magazines, to promotional materials; there is never a day when the mailbox doesn’t have something cattle related in it.

Though if you think back a few years with me, you might remember receiving mail from your state association such as a newsletter, letters, or even directories. As we travel around the U.S. and manage a few state sponsored sales, sadly you will see a decline in the participation in state associations. Both adult and junior associations find it hard to keep their membership involved because of the wide variety of organizations people are involved in.

Large and strong organizations used to put out state association newsletters perhaps monthly or quarterly with the upcoming events, news, and stories of that association. There just isn’t many of those anymore. The New York Simmental Association is one state association that continues to put out a quality newsletter. Jeanie White, Secretary of the New York Simmental Association does an excellent job putting out a newsletter with a lot of news and information in it. The newsletter comes out 5 times a year and be received by mail or an electronic version.

The newest version of the New York Simmental Association newsletter included general beef information articles, minutes from their previous meeting, junior activities, and advertisement. Simmental breeder and Agriculture Lawyer Cari Rincker has an article, which I hope becomes a stand in column each month.

For a small association, the New York State Association has a great thing going with the newsletter. It is great to see the Simmental breed prospering in the Northeast. We look forward to many more newsletter in our mailbox!

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  1. By Remembering Ken by The Out Gate on October 22, 2012 at 3:13 pm

    […] If you are a reader of our blog and From Paris with Love (my personal blog), you might recall a couple of blog posts written previously that mentioned some friends of ours from New York, the White’s. Ken and Jeanie White of Simme Valley ¬†are a member of the Stars and Stripes Sale and long time Simmental breeders. We shared a wonderful evening with Ken & Jeanie in May after the sale at an awesome historical restaurant that was featured on one of my May blog posts. It was a wonderful evening that I am greatly cherishing today. Jeanie is the Secretary of the New York Simmental Association. I wrote about their newsletter in a previous posted called, “What’s in the mail?” […]

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